Autumn Rios


About Autumn

Autumn Rios is a native southerner who has traveled the world.  Not only has her passion for travel taken her to exotic locations in dozens of countries, as an Army wife, she relocated with her husband, to Germany for a tour of duty.  However, the south kept calling her back home.  Due to her vast experience with different people, customs and cultures, Autumn understands the importance of meaningfulcommunication. It is this focus on communication that is one of Autumn’s greatest strengths.  She not only listens to her clients, she “hears” them.  She pays attention to her clients’ budgets, needs, and wants. 

Autumn brings a lighthearted playful energy to everything she does.  Her friends have been known to say she has never met a stranger in her life, she can strike up a conversation with anyone and make them feel like they’ve been pals for years. She cares fiercely about people and is loyal to a fault.  Once Kimberly is in your corner you can rest assured, she will not stop advocating for you.  She has even climbed into small cupboards to take measurements and insisted on cleaning a house before her clients moved in, just to make sure the introduction to their new home was perfect. Her fun, personable nature, mixed with her tenacity makes her an amazing deal-maker, where everyone walks away from the table happy. 

Autumn has dedicated her career to real estate.  She hasworked with vendors, tradesmen, contractors and builders in her role as a community manager.  She has bought and sold homes as a realtor and has been a real estate client herself.  She knows the ins and outs of home buying from both sides of the table

When not working hard for her clients, Autumn enjoys traveling, being outdoors, kayaking, and especially cozying up with her husband and their fur-baby Chevy, an adorablespoiled pit bull that shares his momma’s taste in strawberry frosted donuts


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